Flatbed Towing Transportation Service in Brooklyn, Staten Island

About Flat Bed Towing Service

Is your car stranded on the side of the road and needs towing? We have flatbeds that can tow any vehicle, large or small.

Do you need to move a precious vehicle like a vintage car? At Breen Bros Towing, we specialize in the transportation of a wide variety of vehicles. We know how much care your vehicles need and do everything in our ability to ensure they’re transported just as they are!

Flat Bed Towing Service Staten Island

Trained and qualified technicians

All the technicians at Breen Bros Towing are towing experts and know how to safely operate our flatbeds. We are experienced in delivering vehicles in the exact same condition that they came in to their destination. Unlike other towing vehicles, a flatbed is the right choice for transporting any type of vehicle, including vintage cars. We assure you that your vehicle will be picked up on time, taken care of properly, and will reach the destination on time.

Our flatbed towing services include:

  • Emergency vehicle towing
  • Long distance towing
  • Specialized towing for vintage cars

The flatbed towing services are an investment that ensure your vehicle is delivered securely by professionals:

Vehicles & Heavy Vehicles

In the case of the heavy vehicles, the weight is a deciding factor. Only experienced operators know the importance of the weight of your vehicle. When you call our experts, they will ask you about the weight of the car, the extent of damage to the car, and where the car is. This information helps us determine the kind of vehicle we should send for towing. The right equipment makes sure that your car as well as the towing vehicle remain safe.

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Expensive classic and vintage cars

Flatbeds are the only towing vehicles that are right for transporting vintage cars. We know how important vintage cars are to you. So, when the cars are transported, we take special care of it and use the tow dolly. You can trust your prized possessions with our professionals.

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At Breen Bros Towing, we use flatbed towing trucks to move your vehicles. Our qualified technicians make us one of the leading towing services in the NYC Metropolitan Area. In addition, we are affordable. Call us today!