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Three common reasons for car lockouts

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Ever found yourself thinking or saying, “Where are my car keys?!” Sometimes, this could lead you to realize that your car keys are actually in your car and that you’re locked out! Lockouts are pretty common and the most effective solution for it is getting us to help you out.

Trying to use a slim jim to unlock your car can cause more damage to your car. As one of the leading lockout services in the NYC, we have helped people who’ve been locked out and those who have tried to use a slim jim and further complicated the situation. So, we strongly recommend that you call us before damaging your car further. Here are three instances for car lockouts to happen:

Losing your keys: A leading cause for car lockouts is losing your keys while you were out. This can become complex if you don’t have bluetooth keyrings to find your keys. Do not spend hours trying to look for the key. Just call us instead and we’ll get you in the car with a spare key in no time!

Keys locked inside the vehicle: Another reason behind car lockouts is forgetting your keys either in the ignition or on the seat. Keys locked inside the car can be troublesome if you have new cars. First, try to find a second set. If you’re unable to, call our expert locksmiths immediately.

Broken keys: Keys can sometimes break while still in the ignition or the car door’s keyhole. This can be due to the age of the keys and the car. When your key breaks, you cannot even use a spare set and that can be quite tricky. In such cases, our lockout experts can help you efficiently.

Want to subscribe to a professional lockout service in New York?

Contact Breen Bros Towing experts. We are a leading lockout services company with an aim to help drivers across the state in a safe and effective manner.