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How To Get the Best Price for Your Junk Car?

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Do you have an old set of wheels parked away in the garage for a few years now? Welcome to the club. Nearly a quarter of the American population has an old car stacked away. Some have plans to restore the classic. Others are holding on to the sentimental value of the first or gifted car. Unfortunately, all of them know that the poor thing is beyond repair and will, in all likelihood, never hit the road as in the good old days. If you agree so far, the chances are that you’re considering junk car removal in Brooklyn. A car expert would commend your decision. But how to get the best price for your prized possession? Here’s how:


Time It Right

Considering the time you’ve held on to your old unused car, delaying the decision of calling a reliable towing company of Brooklyn could cost you heavily. At the same time, don’t rush into wrong advice if someone suggests scrapping it at a junkyard. You stand to lose some serious cash if you choose a junkyard without considering the condition of your car. Hence, unless your car has been totaled or is missing several parts, you can get a fair price even if it is no longer drivable.


Know The Price

When you contact a junk car removal company in Queens, they’ll want to inspect the condition of your car before quoting you a price, but you don’t have to take their word for it. Instead, get an honest assessment of your vehicle either from the dealership or your local mechanic. Know what machinery is in good condition that can help you bargain a fair price.


Compare Buyer Offers

Of course, we want the best price for our favorite vehicle, but one must understand the reality as well. An older model starts losing its resale value from the moment you drive it home until the first ten years. Hence, the price you’ll be offered will factor in all these elements. Nonetheless, encourage offers until you find a buyer who meets you at a comfortable quote. Breen Bros is a trusted name when it comes to safe and fair-priced junk car removal across New York.


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Trusting us with your scrap car requirements means you’ll get a competitive price for your cherished vehicle. Moreover, hiring us means no hidden charges of towing services in NYC as our team will take care of the recovery completely. So, call Breen Bros Towing and enjoy a fair-priced deal for your junk car!