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Reliable jump start services to get you back on the road when your car battery dies unexpectedly.

Jump Start And Battery Replacement

Car batteries are usually quite durable and last for many years. However, you can always face car battery troubles unexpectedly after a few years. There are many factors that may cause the car battery to die or lose charge, such as charging system failure, battery corrosion, leaving your car unused for a long time, etc. New cars don’t face this problem for the first few years, but you may face the battery problems a little sooner if you own a used car. Therefore, car owners should have some basic knowledge of what to do when a car battery dies unexpectedly.

In most cases, a jump start would be enough to get you back on the road, but you might need to get a battery replacement if the car battery dies frequently. If you often find yourself in car battery troubles, make sure to carry some jumper cables and keep the contact number of a jump start service provider in Staten Island, NY, saved in your phone for emergencies.

You would need the help of another well-functioning car to jump-start your dead car battery. So, try asking for help from any cars passing by the road, or if you are stranded alone, you may call a friend who is nearby and can bring their car. But, if neither is available, you can reach out for an emergency jump start service in Staten Island, NY.

Follow the below steps to jump-start your car:

  • Put the cars on neutral and Shut off both cars

First, ensure both cars are in neutral or park mode and turned off before attempting to attach the jumper cables.

  • Attach jumper cables

You need to attach the jumper cables to your car’s dead battery and the working car’s batteries for jump-starting your dead car. Make sure to connect the wires to the right (+) and (-) terminals.

  • Start the working car to charge the dead battery

When the cables are connected, start the working car and let the dead car battery charge up to 2-3 minutes.

  • Try to start the dead car

Now, attempt to start your dead car and see if it starts. It should be able to start after 2-3 minutes of charging. But if it does not start, let it charge for another minute or two.

  • Keep the engine running while removing jumper cables

When the dead car battery finally starts working, keep it running while carefully removing the jumper cables from its battery.

  • Take a short drive

Make sure to drive it around to a short distance to build up sufficient charge so it can run smoothly on the road.

Car troubles are unexpected and may occur at any time. So, if you are ever having car trouble and need emergency jump start service in Staten Island, NY, feel free to reach out to our expert team at Breen Bro’s Towing for instant assistance. We specialize in providing reliable jump start and battery replacement services as well as towing and emergency roadside assistance services across New York.

Contact our team for reliable jump start services in Staten Island, NY.