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5 Misconceptions about junk car removal

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There are numerous things that people do not understand about junk car removals. Misconceptions about junk car removals are causing many owners to let their junk cars sit idle in their driveways and backyards. Whether you car is totalled, wrecked or is just simply turning into junk, Breen Bros Towing will help you remove it free of cost!

We are committed towards changing attitudes and educating people about junk car removals. Here are 5 misconceptions, and truths, about the issue:

Junk cars have no value Junk cars have no value for the people who are in the buying and selling business. But when it comes to us, junk car removal plays a big role. We not only make sure that your junk gets removed from your home but someone’s life gets better due to it. We take the cars as a whole along with all their components.

Only particular models are accepted by junk car removal services No matter what the make and model of your car is, we accept all kinds of cars. We have the resources to accommodate all kinds of cars and have the equipment, manpower and space for them.

Only metal parts are useful While this misconception is bit true that it is the metal that can be recycled, we take all parts of the car metal or otherwise. The non metal parts of the car are also put to the use. If any particular part of the car is in the worst condition and cannot be put to use, we scrap it. No part of your car is put for waste.

Junk car removal is the same as towing While the towing and removal of the car are two synonymous words, the object of both the services are different. When a car is towed from an accident, it is taken to the yard or storage facility and left there. Whereas in the junk removal process, bringing your car to our facility is only first of the numerous processes.

Junk car removal is expensive Our junk car removal services are totally free of the cost. We will remove the junk from your backyard for free of cost. You can also donate your junked car. The proceeds from it will be used to make someone’s life better.

Do you want to get junk car removed from your driveway or backyard? Contact our removal experts immediately! Call (718) 979-9084