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Risks of not hiring a professional heavy duty towing company for machinery transportation

Heavy Duty Road Service Staten Island

If you want to move your heavy machinery to another location but plan on doing so without the help of an experienced professional, you may want to reconsider your decision. Transporting your machinery with the help of in-house resources may seem cost-effective and easy. However, you might be undermining the risks of transporting heavy machinery on your own.

Heavy-duty machinery involves many risks that you might not be aware of before you begin the transportation process. The consequences of any mishaps or accidents during transportation can be fatal and result in massive loss. Therefore, it is highly recommended to evaluate the risks and hire an experienced heavy-duty truck towing service in Staten Island, NYC. Breen Bro’s Towing has an extensive fleet of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment to ensure your heavy machinery safely arrives at its destination.

If you plan on handling your machinery transportation requirements on your own, the following are the risks that you must consider:

Safety hazards

Transporting heavy machinery has some inherent risks, such as safety risks to workers and people close to the machinery. The sharp parts of heavy machinery may fatally injure a worker. Also, heavy machinery can crush a human in seconds if it is not handled with proper care and precautions. If there is even a slight mistake, any person near the machinery may lose their life. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to hire professional heavy-duty truck towing services in Staten Island, NYC, to avoid potential health and safety hazards.

Potential machinery damages

Heavy machinery requires a specific type of hauling gear and transport vehicles for its safe transportation. There is a high chance of your expensive machinery getting damaged during transit if proper precautions are not taken to safeguard your machinery. Even minor damage may create functionality problems. Therefore, it is best to leave this job to experienced professionals of Breen Bro’s Towing. Our team has extensive experience handling a wide range of heavy-duty machinery and equipment transportation requirements for many commercial clients.


Trying to safely load and transport your heavy machinery on your own can be a time-consuming and dangerous task. It can result in a lot of delay and time wastage. A professional heavy-duty truck towing company in Staten Island, NYC, has the required resources to ensure your machinery gets to its destination right on-time without any problems. So you can probably save a lot of time and continue your commercial activities as scheduled when you hire certified towing professionals.

Vehicle breakdown 

Most commercial vehicles are made for a specific hauling capacity. Heavy-duty machinery usually requires specialized vehicles such as flatbed trucks with enormous hauling capacity for easy transportation. If you try to use a commercial vehicle from your own fleet without assessing the hauling capacity and the transportation distance, damages or vehicle breakdown may occur midway during the transportation. Breen Bro’s Towing has an extensive fleet of heavy-duty towing trucks with various hauling capacities to suit all your commercial requirements.

Loading and unloading problems

The trickiest part of heavy-duty machinery transportation is the loading and unloading of heavy machinery. Specialized lifting gear is required to safely load and unload the machinery based on the type of machinery that needs to be transported. If there are any mistakes during loading or unloading the machinery, it can result in millions of dollars of loss.

So, if you need to transport your heavy machinery, whether to a short distance or a long one, we recommend doing a comprehensive risk assessment and consulting with our professional towing experts at Breen Bro’s Towing. Our certified expert contractors will be able to better assist with your transportation requirements as they have years of experience in dealing with a wide range of transportation issues. We always make sure all the documentation is ready beforehand, and your machinery is safely transported without any major problems.

Get in touch with our qualified professionals to know more about our Heavy Duty Roadside assistance and towing Services in Staten Island, NYC.