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Things You Must Consider Before Hiring Junk Car Removal Services

junk car removal in Staten Island

If your garage or space in your backyard been occupied by an old, unused junk car, get rid of that junk car in exchange for a maximum value possible. You can finally free-up the garage or backyard space with the help of junk car removal services in Staten Island.

However, finding the best junk car removal services can be sometimes itchy. While every company claims to give the best deal, only a few deliver what they promise. Breen Bros Towing has been in business for decades and we don’t just claim to be the best junk car removal company, we show it! From providing the best value for your junk car to towing it as per schedule, we work with the client to ensure best services.

If you want to know what makes a junk car removal company best in industry, here are some tips.

A local company: Dealing with a local company means you are not wasting your time with meaningless quotes or answering meaningless questions to hear that they don’t serve your area. Moreover, you will receive more cash as they will offer a better price due to low transportation costs.

Deal received matches the quote: Certain junk car removal in Staten Island will inform you of the price quote over the call. The moment they arrive at your place to inspect and tow your vehicle, they make plenty of excuses to reduce the price. You don’t have to accept the offer that is not feasible according to you. Look for a company that is true to its words.

No hidden costs: No one wants to hire a towing company that deducts charges or includes any additional charges in the bill. A reputed company will inform you about their towing charges upfront so that you can finalize whether to hire them for the job or not.

Avoid receiving a cheque payment: Most of the companies prefer to pay the charges in cash while picking up the vehicle. In case they hand over the cheque to you, try not to accept it. Chances are there that their check might never clear. Receive the payment in cash before they take your car. After all, an ounce of precaution is most definitely worth a pound of cure.

Ensure that the liabilities are transferred to the company: Before the driver leaves, take his sign and make him fill the registration form. Even if you have lost the registration form, the bill is a good proof that shows the car was sold. Try to take a copy from the driver.

Choose a junk car service in Staten Island based on the parameters given above. Get the best price for your vehicle and hire a reliable and reputed company.

If you are in need of a junk car removal company, get in touch with us today!